UPDATE 2005: You want to play Dethkarz in multiplayer on Windows XP? It's working perfect. Just try this file here (please make a backup of the replaced files first).

What is Dethkarz ?

Dethkarz is a mixture of an action game and a realistic car simulation. The enviroment is a fantasy world. There are 12 different cars available and you can drive on four different tracks. Each track exists in four different variations. Soon, you will find additional tracks on the Dethkarz homepage. Dethkarz also offers a multiplayer option so that you can play in a local network, with a modem or over the internet. If you want to challange people in the whole world you can do that in the "Mega-Dethladder" on the official Dethkarz hompage.

What can you find on this homepage ?

You can find everything about Dethkarz on my homepage. There a several tips and cheats, good links and a lot of other stuff about Dethkarz.

Unfortunately, there will be no Dethkarz 2. Melbournehouse stopped programming games :-( 

Dethkarz 2