Weapons & Powerups

Torpedo Missile

Image of gelb.jpg
Image of sym_torpedo.gif
This missile fires directly forward. You have to aim exactly but if you hit it will deliver a deadly blow.

Image of Rakete.jpg

Heatseeking Missile

Image of rosa.jpg
Image of sym_miss2.gif
This missile will aim at the next car but it will miss if he is driving a sharp turn.

Image of infarot.jpg

Guided Missile

Image of Blau.jpg
Image of sym_guided.gif
This light missile tracks down its prey without failure. But you need several of them to destroy an enemy.

Image of Zielsuch.jpg

Cluster Bombs

Image of grün.jpg
Image of sym_cluster.gif
Cluster Bombs scatter several mines behind your car, which will explode if another car drives into one.

Image of minen.jpg

Antimatter Shield

Image of gelbbraun.jpg
Image of sym_antimat.gif
The Antimatter Shield turns the whole car into a weapon. Your car will change to orange and if you drive next to an enemy the Antimatter Shield will suck off the energy like a vacuum cleaner sucks dust. Additionally the shield lowers the damage of enemy fire.

Image of Antimaterie.jpg

Stealth Mode

Image of hellgrün.jpg
Image of sym_stealth.gif
Now your car is protected by a green energie shield. Enemy fire will go through your car without beeing hit.

Image of stealth.jpg


Image of Blau.jpg
Image of sym_shield.gif
This electric blue enegy field will protect your car for a certain time. It has the full protective function as the Stealth Shield.The difference is that the car remains a physical object on the track. As a result you will still be thrown around if an explosion gets you and enemies can fire at you.

Image of Blauschild.jpg

Quick Fix

Image of hblau.jpg
Image of sym_fix.gif
You need t if you want to repair your car on the track.

Image of repair.jpg


Image of rot.jpg
Image of sym_nitro.gif
This special fuel will increase the acceleration and the top speed to an incredible limit. Be careful - steering becomes a different world.

Image of nitro.jpg

Standard Weapons

Pulse Laser                                          Plasma Cannon

Image of Laser.jpg
Image of Plasma.jpg
This energy weapon will recharge very fast so that you can fire very often.
This heavy weapon is more powerful but it recharges slower than the Pulse Laser.